What is VGF?

VGF stands for Vegan (and) Gluten Free. Mandala VGF only produces food products which are both vegan (ie no animal protein) and gluten free.

Why choose us?

Well of course we’re guessing you’re either vegan (or – if you prefer – ‘plant-based’) or gluten free or maybe both! Here are a few more details about how we prepare our food products and how we operate…

  • no animal product or gluten product enters our production facility
  • no anti-caking agents, preservatives or emulsifiers are used in our products
  • no oats, sesame or artificial sweeteners* are used in our products
  • most of our products are soy free, with the exception of the Choc Chip Cookies (where the soy is in the choc chips) and the Miso Potato Frittata which contains silken tofu
  • we only use filtered water
  • all our organic waste is taken off site and composted
  • we recycle all glass, hard plastics (we cannot recycle soft plastics any more since the closure of the REDcycle program), tin, paper and cardboard
  • packaging is kept to a minimum (plus the bags we use for our products are biodegradable and home compostable, as are the tags and string)

As we hand make all of our products, they may not always appear uniform in size or shape! As we do not use any preservatives, if you want to extend the shelf life of our food we recommend popping any you’re not eating into the freezer to keep it fresh!

*such as Acesulphame K (additive number 950), Alitame (956), Aspartamine (951) eg Equal, Cyclamate (952), Neotame (961), Saccharin (954) eg Sweetex and Sucralose (955) eg Splenda, Xylitol and Maltodextrin (as above our range of cookies for cafes do currently contain very small quantities of maltodextrin in the chocolate chips – we are looking to move to a maltodextrin free supplier as soon as possible)


Mandala VGF is the brainchild of Cathy Bateson. She set up the business when she realised that it was easy to find vegan food and easy to find gluten free food, but almost impossible to find vegan AND gluten free food!







Or cookbooks…

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