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Say hi to a few new products – Variety Pack, Jaffa Orange Cookie, new cookie sizes

A few new products in the range…

Variety Pack

A lot of people have asked if they could buy a variety pack – a mix of all the different cookie flavours we have. So now we have one! The new pack is the standard size with 10 cookies in total – one of each type plus, and while we currently have eight different types, two random extra cookies, priced at $13.95. Available in the factory shop, the online shop and at markets and events very soon.

Jaffa Orange

It’s so new, we don’t even have a photo yet, but we will have them for the next tasting 9am-11am this Saturday…

New cookie sizes

We are currently working on a number of different sizes of cookies, from smaller ‘biscotti’ sizes up to larger ‘cafe’ sizes. These would be both for retail sales and for wholesale sales to cafes/restaurants etc. Here’s the idea – what do you think?

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