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Two of our cookies get a makeover, plus we relaunch the variety pack

In the past week we’ve made some changes to two of our popular cookies – the Italian Almond Cookie and the Coffee Cookie (aka the Espresso Coffee Cookie, now simply the ‘Coffee Cookie’).

Firstly our Coffee Cookie (main picture) – when we first produced it, it was a simple cookie with no icing. The real problem we faced was that, no matter how much (liquid) coffee we put in it, or how strong the coffee was, the cookie itself did not have enough of a coffee flavour (for us at least). You could tell it was coffee flavour, but only just!

So we added some coffee flavoured icing and – voilà – there was the taste! The final touch is the addition of the coffee bean in the icing …just to make sure you really know what sort of cookie it is, plus a bit of coffee crunch.

Italian Almond Cookie

Secondly our Italian Almond Cookie. Anyone who’s tasted this one knows how amazingly almondy (it’s a word) it is – almost a marzipan taste. Originally quite a flat cookie, it now has a more ‘stand up’ appearance, and with the addition of half an almond to the top, now there’s no doubt what cookie this is too. Despite the change in appearance, the ingredients remain the same – almost entirely almond.

Finally we have recently relaunched the variety pack. This now a special pack containing one of each variety of cookie – ten in total.

A lot of people asked us if we sold a bag of all the different cookie types and at the beginning we didn’t. But when we experimented by putting all the different cookies into one bag, within a few hours they all tasted a little like whichever one they were sitting next to in the pack! And when you eat a ginger molasses cookie, you don’t really want it to taste a little like a rosewater or coffee cookie (or any other). So we had to work on this and the answer was to individually wrap each cookie in a little ‘sleeve’ to prevent any unwanted ‘flavour transfer’.

Just like our regular bags, the little sleeves are made of biodegradable (and home compostable) ‘cello’ to individually contain the cookies. And so, when someone is undecided which cookie to choose, the variety pack is there to help.

The packing is slightly different now
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