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A quick update

We’re somewhat overdue for an update for you, so without further ado let’s get into all the stuff that – we hope – will be of interest to you.

In a nutshell we have some news about…

  • New products
  • New services
  • New phone number
  • Where you can find our foods
  • Where you can find us (when we’re out & about)

New products

Different size packs

Not exactly a new product, more new options on existing products… you might have noticed in our online shop you now have a few choices in terms of pack size for most of our cookies – you now can choose between a little ‘taster’ 5-pack, the ‘regular’ 10-pack and a ‘jumbo’ 15-pack.

We don’t generally stock these sizes, but if you want a bigger or smaller size you can now order them online. (PS as you can see we now also accept G Pay online!)




High Tea

High Tea is all the rage at the moment and so we’re offering our own take – smaller versions of all of our regular cookies designed not to look out of place on your high tea cake stand! Available in sets of 6, 12 or 24 mini cookies. You can choose exactly which cookies you’d like or let us make a selection for you. Check them out here.




Miso Potato Fritatta

Joining our Rustic Tomato Tart on the savoury side is our new Miso Potato Fritatta.

Made of thin layers of Dutch Cream Potatoes and onion, all drenched in miso cream (vegan of course!), topped with a thick layer of garlic mashed potato, drizzled with extra virgin olive oil and baked for an hour.

You can serve it hot or cold, whole or sliced! As with the Rustic Tomato Tart, we also offer a Miso Potato Fritatta meal, accompanied by two salads – a Mediterranean Bean Salad and Tropical Mango Chilli Coriander Salad. Available from our factory and at some of the markets we go to.


We hear you! While a lot of people love our range of sweet cookies and tarts, we know that there is a distinct lack of gluten free and vegan savoury food – hot and cold.

We’ve been wanting to launch some light meal options for a while now and we’re delighted to announce that Mandala VGF now has a small selection.




These are…

  1. Rustic Tomato Tart (cold) meal – as above
  2. Miso Potato Fritatta (cold) meal – as above
  3. Char Siu Sushi (cold) meal
  4. Pizza Calzone (hot) meal

At the moment we offer these at our factory only (but see below).


What does a gluten free vegan eat for breakfast? No, it’s not a joke! Let us know what you have for breakfast! Or even if you eat at breakfast time at all.

We’ve been making our own muesli for quite a while, with a view to including all those foods that help with a vegan diet. The only downside is that it is based on oats and oats can be a bit of a problem for people with severe gluten intolerance or Coeliac disease, so we’ve had to hunt around for oat alternatives which still tick all the ‘healthy’ boxes.

And it looks like we might have come up with a muesli mix which is maybe too healthy! In case you’re wondering, we’ve substituted a mix of rice flakes, quinoa flakes and hulled organic millet for the oats. It’s pretty low on sugar content too (although there is some in the dried fruit), and so we recommend having it with fresh fruit and berries, along with some vegan yoghurt and plant-based milk.

We also include a small pack of dried Goji berries in each pack. The reason we’ve kept them separate from the main mix is that – in our experience – they tend to get stuck in your teeth! So we generally tip them into some water when we buy them and let them soak for a while in the fridge so that they are soft when eaten with the muesli (the Goji berry water also tastes amazing too!).

Read the full nutrition information and ingredients list here. It’s available in two sizes – a small 135g taster pack and – if you like it – a standard 450g pack.

New services

We are on the cusp of kicking off a food delivery service but we can’t say much …yet! We’re hoping to be able to announce something very soon.







New phone number

It had to happen sooner or later – we’ve bitten on the bullet and got ourselves a regular landline. Well, technically it’s a virtual number but it still works just fine. You can now reach us on…

07 3102 0770

Where you can find our foods

Capacillios Cafe in Wynnum now stocks larger ‘cafe style’ versions of our Ginger Molasses and Italian Almond Cookies if you fancy one with your cup of coffee (pictured – new jars – generally full but not always for very long).


Where you can find us (when we’re out & about)

Mandala VGF now has a permanent spot at the Manly Creative Markets on Sundays and we recently ventured north to Redcliffe Markets. It was a hot day but thankfully a bit of a sea breeze!

View from the back of the stall at Redcliffe Markets

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