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Cookie prices down!

All other food and groceries around Australia up! Vegan and gluten free cookie prices in Brisbane down! Well ours, anyway.

So… our big news this morning is that we are revising the pricing of our cookie range …downwards. Bet that was a surprise. We are passing savings (such as from wholesale ingredient buying) on to you.

All of our standard cookies are reducing from $12.50 a bag to $11.95 and our premium range – the Afghans and Choc Chip Cookies – are reducing from $14.95 down to $13.95.

The price of our variety packs will remain the same but will now contain 12 cookies not 10, as we’ll be including the popular Afghan and Choc Chip cookies in the mix.

All standard shop discounts will continue to apply to the new prices. These price changes take effect immediately, so if you’re coming into the factory shop today or tomorrow or coming to see us at Manly Creative Markets on Sunday, your favourite vegan and gluten free cookies will be even more affordable.

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